Philadelphia Lookups

If you have a reference dealing with Philadelphia and would be willing to do lookups for others, please send us an email.

When asking for a lookup, please provide as much information as possible, giving full names and dates if possible. Be sure to include which reference you are referring to when sending in your request and put the words "Philadelphia Lookup" in your subject line. Please do not send in a blanket request, for example: looking for all of the Jones in Philadelphia.  We are volunteers, not paid researchers! Your request should be limited to one name per request and please be sure to thank the volunteer for their time!

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Reference Lookup Volunteer
The American Advertising Directory for Manufacturers and Dealers in American Goods for the year of 1832. (Listings include names of merchants, their location and what they sell) Bill Regli
Bring Out Your Dead: The Great Plague of Yellow Fever in Philadelphia in 1793 by J. H. Powell. Carolyn G. Lynn
Index to Seamen's Protection Certificate Applications - Port of Philadelphia 1796 - 1823 (It has over 14,000 people who applied in Philadelphia in this time period) Ray Rhoads
Passenger Arrivals at the Port of Philadelphia 1800-1819. Carolyn G. Lynn
Pennsylvania German Pioneers, 1727-1808, vols. I, II, & III, by R. B. Strassburger & W. J. Hinke, Camden, ME: Picton Press, 1992. (Passenger lists of Germans arriving aboard ships in the port of Phila., PA. Mostly males 16 and over who signed the Oath of Allegiance, though a few lists contain women and children.) Lani MacAniff
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA 100th Anniversary book.  From 1831 to 1931.  Lots of history of Manayunk etc.
Social Register of Philadelphia, 1960. Vince Summers
The Stories Behind Philadelphia Street Names Larry
100 old Philadelphia Newspapers (Inquirers, Bulletins, Daily News) dating back to about 1900 (Click here to see a partial list of Karen's newspaper collection). Karen
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